How Much Of Twitter Followers do I Require?

Below is quick recommendation of followers you do require on basis of your Twitter Account Purpose:


-If you are just the every day Dick and Harry between 200 to 350,000 maximum followers should just be fine enough to flirt, jest and communicate on twitter.



– If aspiring to becoming a popular mini celebretee then you might need from 30,000 twitter followers upward you could max upto 100k twitter followers employing one of our packages on



-Are you managing a company twitter account with aspiration of becoming a big brand then you might need between 70,000 Twitter Followers to 200,000 or even more Twitter Followers. A 200k package 2 times 100k from will just do perfectly. Note that this are my recommendations.



-A sole proprietorship business should just be fine with a 5000 to 70,000 Twitter Followers.




-I believe a Celebretee or Celebretee wanna be should have at-least 50,000 Twitter Followers and infinite number of Twitter Followers should be a serious project for such.



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