The Future Of Internet Marketing

The internet has grown hugely than what can be made possible or uttered in the last decade; than any forecaster could ever envisage or foresee. This definitely is beginning of what the next millennium holds. I believe pretty soon everything will be done by robots and computers. Any existing human manual activities with undiscovered robotic software or programme will now become the new bed ground of wealth for innovators worldwide.

From your sleeping time to the end of a busy day computers and computer programs would have fully developed to handle most major complicated task.

So what does this fact have stored for businesses World-wide? Business not yet upgrading to own a tangible presence online is signing a short-term LIFE SPAN contract with a globalised society. Pretty soon only online businesses will survive. Just as it seems this days only online friendship seems to thrive better than even physical friendship. As people begin to find it’s easier to do business online instead of going through the hassle of visiting local stores and sitting in line before seeing a Sales representative; everything business shall become like the home delivery pizza which you could just order online via a website and have delivered in minutes or within your scheduled convenience!

Soon even car wash service will become order-able online with a home delivery option! That’s the idea!

The world is becoming a true global village! Get ready it’s happening faster than you are imagining! China just built a vehicle prototype that could convey hundreds of thousands of people at one time.

You must learn how to do more with little effort as this is the secret that will keep any business surviving through the next decade. Even most medical services will soon be home delivery! I believe in the next millennium humans won’t rule the world, Robots will.

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